5 Best Stoner Father’s Day Gifts 2016

With Father’s Day just around the corner you might be searching for the perfect gift to give to your one-of-a-kind stoner dad. There are typically two categories the stoner dad’s fall under: the experienced fun-loving hippie or the more recent newcomer expanding his horizons and looking for a good time. Regardless of what category your #1 Dad falls under look no further: Our Father’s Day guide has you covered with a range of items sure to light dad’s fire.

1. Tesla Coil Lighter

For the dad who is both practical and radical, this lighter is sure to be a hit. With a battery that will last up to 300 uses and a light that is resistant to wind, it’s easily portable and perfect for those on-the-go smoke sessions during your Father’s Day hike. This lighter is not only super handy, but also environmentally friendly for those socially progressive dads out there. Best thing about it? This gift is under $20.

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2. Wavy “Treasure Chest” Wooden Stash Box

Want to show your dad some extra love this Father’s Day with an entire stoner kit? Look no further. This keepsake stash box also comes with various items to facilitate your dad’s next smoke session. Your dad will be thrilled to have a spot to not only keep his reefer, but prep it and roll it too. There’s even an airtight jar included if he needs to keep this gift a secret from mom. Far out, dude.

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3. Herb Preserve

Preserve the herb! If your dad is no newbie to grass, he’ll love this stash jar that not only discreetly keeps the scent locked away, but also protects his bud from harmful light and drying out. This means it will last significantly longer than it will in that Ziploc bag inside his underwear drawer that you found as a teenager.

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4. Cheech & Chong T-shirt 

“Mostly maui-wowie, man, but it’s got some labrador in it cause my dog ate my stash, man.” Cue the nostalgia for dad this Father’s Day with this classic stoner throwback mixed in with a twist of today’s galaxy-inspired style. Hint: This would make the perfect add-on gift with tickets to your dad’s favorite summer festival. He’ll be jammin’ in style at Bonnaroo, Shambhala, Burning Man, etc.

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5. The Cannabis Grow Bible: The Definitive Guide to Growing Marijuana for Recreational and Medical Use

Does Dad have a green thumb? If so, he’ll love this DIY guide to homegrown cannabis. From novice grower to seasoned hydroponic artist, there are tips for everyone in this book. It’s the 21st century, man, and everyone knows it’s better to shop (and grow) local.

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