Airvape X Vaporizer Review

Airvape X

In the vaporizer world we hear about popular vaporizers from Pax, DaVinci, Storz and Bickel; but that can't be all of the best vapes on the market can it?  Absolutely not, there are plenty of hidden gems available and we had the pleasure of reviewing one of those diamonds in the rough.

In Canada, Apollo is one of the lesser known manufactures of both dry herb vaporizers and concentrates.  You may have seen the well liked Airvape XS in vape forums, but we are going to take a look at the upgraded model; the Airvape X.

The Airvape X is a conduction/convection vaporizer that can do both dry leaf and waxes/oils.  The unit has a sleek, modern design and is one of the thinnest portable vaporizers I have ever seen.

What's in the box?

Right away you can feel the high level of quality just by looking at the box and inside packaging.  I am a vape geek, so I get excited about this stuff. The main unit is contained in a shiny black package that slides out to reveal the inner packaging.  The inside box definitely has a jewelry or watch type feel to the material. Foam inserts keep the contents from sliding around and the accessories are contained in a separate compartment.

At first glance I thought I had received the wrong colour, however, the grey piece in the box was actually the X shell. The X Shell is a smell proof, water resistant container that protects the Airvape from damage and eliminates the smell from your vaped weed.  Other accessories included are the dab tool, tweezers, rubber mouthpiece, concentrate pad, brush, usb charger and an upper and lower screen.

The tweezers and X Shell are really the bonus here.  You can use the tweezers to remove the bottom screen or remove the concentrate pad without getting your hands dirty.  As mentioned earlier the X Shell is smell proof. I left a vaped bowl in my kitchen cupboard for 1 week and didn't notice any odours.  The shell also helped with portability as I found myself pre-loading a bowl, loading it into the case and putting in my pocket without worrying about smelling like a skunk.

The box describes the Airvape the best; fast, elegant, thin and mighty.  The X is as slim as your cell phone, but that doesn’t mean that the vape is frail.  It has a slight ‘’flashlight’’ shape to it and is wider at the top than the bottom. The shape means that it is easy to grip and will not slide out of your hand while in use.  The outer shell is made from high grade aluminum and gives off a modern vibe.

How does the Airvape X work?

To access the chamber you will need to remove the mouthpiece which is attached using high powered magnets.  This design makes it seamless to load and clean your Airvape. There are no sticky tops or hard to twist pieces to access the chamber; you just need to pop the top off and start vaping.  This feature will leave you wondering; why haven’t other vaporizers copied this?

Inside you will notice that the chamber is oval and recessed into the bottom of the unit. This little indent makes it easy to load as you just need to get your weed into the larger area which acts like a funnel into the oven.  I wish other companies would use this design as it is so simple, but makes getting started a quick task.

You can begin vaping right away because the AirVape has pass through charging that will allow you to use it with zero charge.  To get it up and running, without being plugged into the wall, you will need to charge it for around 80 minutes. Once charged, I recommend that you do 3 or more burn cycles at maximum temperature to get rid of the ‘’new car’’ taste that is present after the manufacturing process.  This is pretty low from other vapes that I have experienced. In some cases, I have had to do between 8-10 cycles to get rid of that taste.

Once loaded, you simply click the button 3 times (instead of 5!) and the Airvape starts to heat up.  A rotating fan and an increasing digital temperature appears on your screen to let you know that the oven is working and that you will be vaping soon. The haptic feedback vibrates in your hand to indicate that you have reached the targeted temperature and your session is ready!

Temperature Control

Full range temperature control will allow you to vape any way you want.  The spectrum is from 200 F to 428 F or for Canadians 93 C to 220 C. This wide selection will let you hit those high temps for wax, oil and other concentrates.  To control the degrees, the front of the vaporizer has an up and down arrow that you will need to press. The numbers accelerate pretty quickly, enabling rapid moves to different session temps.

The OLED display is simple and to the point.  It only displays 4 items; the current temperature, battery level, heating fan icon and session timer.  At 1.3 inches the display is big enough to give you the information you want, but not too big to be a distraction, if discretion is your goal.

Not just a pretty face!

The Airvape X is not all show and no go.  For the price, the vaporizer performs quite well when it comes to efficiency, flavour and cloud production.

The hybrid conduction/convection system, coupled with the all ceramic vapour path and mouthpiece produces a clean, rich flavour experience.  I was vaping a sativa strain and had to reduce the size of my inhales as I felt the vapour was a little harsher than I was expecting. The good news is that the Airvape hits hard and I felt the affects pretty quickly.  This was also a surprise to me, but definitely a pleasant one.

As far as vapour was concerned I was able to get some big, thick clouds. You can even get this result at lower temperatures which was pretty impressive.  I think it helped that the herb I had was pretty dry and finely ground. To get this result, however, make sure you avoid overpacking the chamber. The airflow box needs a little room to get a great draw and you don’t want it touching your dry herb.  I also did not pack it tight and found better results when I just dropped the material into the oven.

The oven and mouthpiece are both at the top of the Airvape.  Despite this design, the Airvape had slightly below average draw resistance.  You won’t feel like you are drinking a Frosty through a straw, however, it also won’t feel that you are only sucking air.  I think this is because the mouthpiece has an oval piece that protrudes out of the middle and down to the oven. My guess is that it helps with efficiency and clouds as it fills the chamber, but it also increases the draw resistance because it almost touches the cannabis.

Battery life- Quick to heat, quick to die

Ok, that might be a little bit of an overstatement.  The X heats up about the way you would expect it to. I was able to hit the lower temperatures (371 °F) in 30 seconds and I am ok with this as good vapour is worth the wait.  

It seems to be a common trade off in the vaporizer marketplace; a small/discreet model has a less than average battery life.  The 1300mAh rechargeable battery is enough to reach those optimal temperatures fast enough, however, you will only get around an hour worth of sesh time.  I was getting around 4-6 sessions depending what temperature I selected. Offsetting this is pass through charging, which allows you to use the device while inserted into an outlet, but who really wants to carry around a USB charger on them all the time?

Design: Sleek, Stealthy and Portable-Thin is In!

The look, design, shape and feel is where the Airvape really shines.  It is the thinnest vape I have ever seen and feels great in your hand.  You can take a walk around the neighbourhood without anyone knowing what you are doing.  I was testing the black model (the other option is ocean blue) and it looks like a cell phone in your hand.

The slim profile comes in at .5’’ high, 4’’ long and less than 2’’ wide.  I also felt that it had an even, weighted feel in my hand and discovered it only weighs 3.2 ounces.  On top of this, I found that the model produced minimal odours during use and after my session was done.

You really need to see the Airvape in action to fully appreciate the design.  Even the black ceramic mouthpiece blends in nicely with the body and projects a high end quality look.  You would generate a lot of curiosity and willing participants if you took this out at a party.


Overall, I give this vaporizer 8.5/10.  For me the standout features were the size/weight, magnetic top, X shell, performance for the price point and ease of use.  The battery is what prevents this model from getting a higher rating. I really hope in the future that Apollo develops the tech to increase the battery power in the next release.

I think this is a perfect vape for those who like the look and portability of the Pax 3, but don't have the budget to afford one.


Size- slimmer than a cell phone

X shell- smell proof vape container included

Look- modern looking, stealthy design

Oven- hybrid conduction/convection vaporizer recessed into unit making an easy load

Easy to load-magnetic lid

Affordability- a lot of performance that isn’t hard on the wallet


Battery life-4-6 sessions per charge

Heating time- not the quickest vape in the market 30-45 seconds to reach common temps

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