Australian Press Still Enthralled By ACT Cannabis Legislation

Here are some of the reports

Legal cannabis in ACT could pave way for further decriminalisation

The legalisation of recreational cannabis in the ACT would be a “micro-experiment” that could test the theories of both sides of politics and potentially pave the way for further decriminalisation, a leading researcher said.

While the Lambert Initiative for Cannabinoid Therapeutics at Sydney University does not have a position on recreational cannabis use, academic director Professor Iain McGregor said the new ACT law would provide researchers with plenty of material.


The NSW government says it approves medicinal cannabis applications within 48 hours. Newly obtained data shows it often takes far longer.

Documents obtained by Business Insider Australia have revealed the actual waiting times experienced by medicinal cannabis patients in New South Wales, with a large number of cases exceeding the government’s stated 48-hour turnaround window.



ACT’s legal cannabis fans federal flames

Prime Minister Scott Morrison said there was still ample time for the government to make a decision on the laws, which come into effect next January.

“And we’ll do that carefully, and we’ll do that patiently,” Mr Morrison said.

“Where I have personal views I’ll express them in the cabinet as the government makes decisions.”


Welcome to the Australian Cannabis Territory: How Canberra could soon be home to Amsterdam-style marijuana cafes

  • The Australian Capital Territory has now legalised the possession of marijuana
  • It will be legal to carry 50 grams of cannabis and grow two plants from January
  • Labor MP behind private members’ bill admitted he ate Amsterdam ‘space cake’
  • Australian Drug Law Reform Foundation wants Dutch-style cafes in Canberra
  • Canberra Liberals fear new law will see joints, hash cookies sold with coffees
  • Concerns have also been raised about random roadside tests for marijuana


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