Canadian Marijuana Company Working on “Odourless Cannabis”


Whether we use it or not, we are universally familiar with the smell of cannabis. The “skunky” odour is common after smoking, although, to its credit, legal marijuana often smells much better prior to being lit.

Still, this does not change the fact that the scent is a dead giveaway that either marijuana is being consumed nearby or an individual is carrying the drug with them.

Now, according to Leafly, one company plans to solve the issue with its odourless cannabis.

On the surface, this seems like an excellent idea and definitely has some benefits. However, there are also drawbacks to consider.


New and Improved Cannabis


Called CannabCo Pharmaceuticals, this name does not ring a bell among the list of cannabis giants like Aurora, Canopy Growth or Tilray – to name a few.  But the business hopes to one day make a name for itself by revolutionizing marijuana for the masses.

Known as “PURECANN,” the technology eliminates odour and improves the smoking experience. Leafly explains how PURECANN:


“…aims to eliminate the smell of cannabis during storage and ‘virtually’ all odours upon combustion. The company also claims that it could reduce the ‘harshness of smoke’ and the amount of coughing one has when consuming smoked or ingested cannabis.”


CannabCo also says that PURECANN is fully compliant with Good Manufacturing Process (GMP) rules, giving it the green light for international distribution.




If it works as advertised, PURECANN offers some unique benefits. For instance, it is difficult to hide marijuana consumption in an enclosed space as the smell tends to linger for some time, depending on the method of consumption (vaporization being the most discreet). Eliminating this would be a great way to keep marijuana use secret, especially in apartments where landlords banned its use.

The technology also helps keep people from drawing attention to themselves while carrying their products. Over time, the smell can imbed itself in purses or coat pockets.

Furthermore, youth will not be tipped off to the drug’s presence, reducing the likelihood of theft and underage consumption.

A lot of people will also be enticed by a smoother smoking experience.




PURECANN might be useful to consumers who are not particularly picky. However, it raises concerns for those with more refined tastes.

One problem is that connoisseurs enjoy the diverse scents associated with different strains of marijuana. The terpene profile is responsible for the plant’s aroma, but this is where the real problem lies.

Many producers are working on strains with higher terpene levels, but PURECANN provides the complete opposite. We simply cannot have it both ways. Getting rid of the odour means minimizing terpene content. This radically changes the overall experience.

According to Leafly:


“A product like CannabCo’s might only set back the development of terpene-rich strains in a market that is already said to contain low odour profiles. We also know that terpenes have an important effect in modulating your high, so one wonders whether this product might inadvertently remove some of the components most felt after ingestion.”


We also need to take the medical impact into account. Assuming PURECANN technology makes it into the medical market, the lack of terpenes will eliminate critical medicinal benefits.


WeedAdvisor’s Interest in New Cannabis Technology


As a provider of effective business solutions, one of WeedAdvisor’s key services lies in research and development.

Although there are some concerns, there is also a huge market for PURECANN technology and we are happy to offer assistance in the development of new and innovative products.









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