CBD & Fitness

Guest Blog Post by Jessica PerryCBD Fit Recovery
Many athletes are adding CBD to their daily routine, here’s 10 reasons why…….
1. CBD may increase focus in the gym and during training, allowing for a better mind to muscle connection and getting the most out of a workout.
2. CBD may reduce intra-workout discomfort, allowing you to push harder in the gym.
3. CBD may reduce post workout soreness (DOMS).
4. CBD can reduce post workout inflammation and inflammation in general. Inflammation has been linked to many illnesses & disease.
5. CBD can reduce game day or competition day stress.
6. CBD can reduce cortisol levels, a catabolic hormone, that actually reduces protein synthesis and halts tissue growth.
7. CBD can reduce pain and inflammation for sports related injuries.
8. CBD can help create body balance (homeostasis) helping all body systems to work more efficiently.
9. CBD is a natural alternative to ibuprofen and other pharmaceutical drugs.
10. CBD may aid in rest and sleep. Our body needs quality sleep to repair and build.

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