CWB Holdings is awarded “plant patent”

The patent issued to CWB Holdings is a plant patent, not a broader utility patent, and is thus good only for legal protection against a competitor growing the same cultivar from clone. Despite its narrow nature, it’s groundbreaking in that it’s the first and only plant patent for a hemp cultivar issued in the United States.

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Now that the Stanleys have both a recognizable, and trademarked name as well as a patented product backing their brand, they appear better poised than most to climb to the top of the CBD world.


Representatives from CWB Holdings—the parent company for the Charlotte’s Web line of CBD products currently available in all 50 states—did not respond to several emails and telephone messages from Leafly News seeking comment over the past week.

But intellectual property attorneys, plant experts, and cannabis-industry marketing professionals interviewed for this article agreed that patent is a landmark move that could signal the intent for CWB Holdings, which went public last year, to seize a commanding share of the country’s burgeoning CBD market.

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