Edmonton-Based Cannabis Producer to Open Massive Facility in Denmark


In recent months, major Canadian cannabis producers have set up facilities and established connections in Europe’s medical marijuana industry.

Now, Marijuana Business Daily reports yet another contender ready to jump in on this budding industry.

Atlas Biotechnologies – a Canadian licensed producer based in Edmonton, Alberta – is about to take its business to Denmark and become a major contributor to production of medical marijuana.

Although we have reported on a few companies doing this very same thing, Atlas’s case is a bit more noteworthy than its counterparts.


Unprecedented Size


Atlas acquired a unique property in Denmark. Rather than build its own operation, it plans to convert a former mushroom production facility into a grow operation.

Most notably, however, is its size. Company COO Jeff Gossain says it is “the largest fully indoor cannabis cultivation facility that we know of in Europe.”

Of course, this ambitious project will not come cheap. Marijuana Business Daily says that this facility and any additional costs associated with the start-up will come to about $40-50 million CAD ($27-37 million USD).

In addition to having 170,000 square feet of growth room, the facility will contain 36 “individual climate-controlled rooms.”

The massive facility is expected to be in full operation by late 2020.


A Superior Strategy


Atlas Biotechnologies may be making a huge investment, but the company needs an edge when we consider its competition.

Marijuana Business Daily explains how popular Denmark is to major industry players:


“Atlas follows in the footsteps of Canada-based international producers Aurora Cannabis, Aphria, ICC International Cannabis, The Green Organic Dutchman and Canopy Growth in choosing Denmark to establish a European footprint.”


This means that Atlas has to have a strong advantage if it wishes to come out on top. To that end, the company brings two advantages.

As mentioned earlier, the first bonus is the facility’s size. Although it will not likely be operational for another year, it Gossain says they will probably have a license by the end of September for a few rooms, which will generate their first harvest at the beginning of 2020.

Second, Atlas will be using climate control, which is an excellent way to customize the growth conditions depending on the plant in question.

As Gossain points out:


“There’s two advantages of having the microclimates. One is mitigating cross-contamination, and the second is having independent climates for the different genetics we’re going to be growing.”


Being able to keep contamination in control is always useful, especially given past incidents in Canada, such as Redecan’s issue with mould several months ago.

Additionally, giving the best possible conditions catered to each strain will ensure maximum quality.

With these innovations, Atlas could find it slightly less challenging to carve its place in the European medical cannabis market.


WeedAdvisor’s Role in Industry Expansion


Seeing companies rush overseas to expand their horizons is very encouraging, but there are also concerns.

No matter how equipped a facility or company may be, things can go wrong – often at great cost.

WeedAdvisor has seen the consequences of things like non-compliance or sloppy management – the most recent example being the CannTrust fiasco.

Fortunately, our business solutions keep every area covered. Compliance, safety, inventory tracking, reporting and real-time data monitoring are just a few key functions our services cover. The end result is an increase in overall efficiency and the prevention of costly errors or failed inspections that we all know can lead to fines in the millions of dollars.

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