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Have A Healthy 420 Giveaway

  420 is right around the corner and the world of cannabis is getting ready to celebrate. While many envision 420 being celebrated by getting “high AF” as the younger generation would say. Those of us who use cannabis and CBD for medicals purposes view this date a bit differently. Well, at least I do. […]




420 is right around the corner and the world of cannabis is getting ready to celebrate.

While many envision 420 being celebrated by getting “high AF” as the younger generation would say. Those of us who use cannabis and CBD for medicals purposes view this date a bit differently. Well, at least I do.



420 is a reminder a year ago my life was very different. Chronic arthritis pain in my hands, hip and leg kept me from being able to do many things that I wanted to do. One hand had so much pain that I was unable to hold a cup without dropping it or grasp a jar to open it. Walking for long distances was becoming harder to do and I dreaded weather reports saying rain was on the way because stiffness and pain would always get worse on these days. Daily doses of NSAIDs were leaving me with bruises on my arms and legs that had people question what was going on at home. Narcotics contributed to highly unwanted side effects like constipation. My day job requires non stop computer usage and typing just contributed to more pain and stiffness. I was thinking how many more years would I be able to work if my hands continued to get worse.

Cannabis for the treatment of chronic pain #cannabisforpain #medicalmarijuana


Then I discovered CBD, cannabis and microdosing. My world has improved greatly since that time. I no longer take narcotics or NSAIDs. The pain disappeared almost entirely in one hand and the pain/stiffness in the other has decreased greatly. I am able to take those long walks that my husband and I enjoy. While rainy days still make me achy and stiff the discomfort on those days is still reduced. I no longer wonder if I will need to stop working or change jobs due to the pain and immobility.

Life is much better. 420 is a day that reminds me of where I was and where I’m at now.

If cannabis and CBD have improved your life I would love to hear about it. If you are looking to celebrate 420 in a healthy way why not stop by this post over at Wake and Bake and check out some of the healthy 420 suggestions that are listed. While you’re there why not enter the awesome 420 giveaway that Corrine, the site owner, has going on.

Here are some of the awesome prizes being included in this giveaway:


The Cannabis + Health Mastery Bundle – 1 Grand Prize

  • The Cannabis for Health Weekend Workshop – Coming August 2019!
  • 1 Waffleye Cannabis Waffle Maker
  • Wake + Bake’s Money-Saving Cannabis Kitchen Bundle
    • 1 Magical Butter MB2
    • 1 Nova Decarboxylator
    • 1 Copy of Dazed + Infused
  • Total Value: $699


Satva Botanicals Self Care Bundle – 1 First Prize

  • CLEANSE – Clarifying Hemp+Jojoba Oil cleanser
  • REFRESH – Toning Hemp+Red Clover Mist (w/full spectrum CBD)
  • NOURISH – Moisturizing Hemp+Jojoba Facial Oil
  • RESTORE – Plumping Lip+ Eye Balm (w/full spectrum CBD)
  • SENSI SOAK – Soothing CBD Mineral Bath
  • MOON MELT – Pain relieving roll on for sore muscles or that “time of the month” (w/full spectrum CBD)
  • Total Value: $199

Cannabis + Health Starter Pack – 3 Runner Up Prizes

  • 1 Sensibalm – 100mg CBD Body Butter
  • 1 Digital Download of Dazed + Infused
  • Total Value: $99


Click and enter the giveaway!


Before you go why not leave a comment below and let me know how cannabis and/or CBD has affected your life and if you are planning anything special to celebrate 420.


Disclaimer: This is information is not intended as medical advice. The information in this post is intended for those 21 and older who live in a state or country where medical or recreational use of cannabis is legal. If you plan to use a form of cannabis that intoxicates you please do not operate heavy machinery or drive a car. Please follow all local laws concerning cannabis. This website is informational and cannot diagnose or treat illness or disease. Medical marijuana should be used under the direction of a licensed healthcare provider. This site contains advertisements. If you click a link and make a purchase, may receive a commission.

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all about edibles

What are Edibles? All about Marijuana Edibles and How to Make Them

The post What are Edibles? All about Marijuana Edibles and How to Make Them appeared first on TopGrows.



What are Edibles? All about Marijuana Edibles and How to Make Them

Marijuana edibles

Weed smoking is one thing, but what about edibles — or consuming weed in food like peanut butter, doughnuts, muffins, gummies, and even brownies?

As recreational cannabis continues to become legal in many parts of the world, people are raising more queries about marijuana edibles.

You must have heard about many popular methods of delivery for recreational cannabis as well as for medicinal weed. Edibles are one of them.

Here’s what you need to know about marijuana edibles.


So What are Edibles?

Basically, edibles is an umbrella term for marijuana-infused products. This may include any food, beverages, baked goods, gummy candies, dissolvable strips, and cotton candy. In short, edibles can be any food that you can ingest rather than vaporize or smoke.

In essence, they’re made with dried flowers or cannabis oils. They may be a good option for consumers looking to avoid inhaling the smoke from pipes or joints. However, the weed effects in edibles can affect you for longer periods of time and can be more potent.

Moreover, edibles are also a popular way to administer medical cannabis in patients, particularly the very young and the elderly. Some people prefer edibles as they don’t like inhaling the smoke and the resin that results from smoking joints.


Types of Edibles

If you to know what edibles are most suitable at what time, it’s best to know what types are out there.

There’s a big difference between 20 and 120 minutes. So you should know which edibles last for how long so you can plan their intake accordingly.

Therefore, you must choose your type of edibles very carefully.


  • Lollipops and Other Sublingual Edibles

The weed lollipops and other sublingual edibles won’t have an immediate effect. However, they act faster than other types of edibles. This includes lollipops and products you may consume in a similar manner, such as bonbons.


  • Space Cakes and other Baked Goods

Space cakes and other edibles you may consume via the gastrointestinal tract are the most common type of edibles. This includes all types of biscuits, cookies, pretzels, cakes, and anything else that you can mix, cook, or bake with weed.

Besides, weed enthusiasts have been valuing this type of edible for decades.


edibles thc


Are Edibles Different from Smoking?

Undoubtedly, edibles do not expose consumers to some of the potentially harmful effects of smoking. And, many people consider edibles to be effective, discreet, and safe, especially when they compare them to smoking weed.

Ingesting edibles does not appear to have effects on cancer risk or lung function. However, edibles have their own risks. This also includes the risks of overdose or accidental ingestion by someone not looking to get high.


Are Edibles Different from other Ways of Consuming Weed?

The main difference between edibles and other forms of weed is in how the body processes the active ingredients. However, cannabis extract may produce effects similar to that of smoking or vaping pot.

When inhaling cannabis, blood in the lungs absorbs its THC and moves it to the brain. This produces an immediate effect. However, when you digest weed, the effects will delay from an hour to as much as five hours.


How to Dose Edibles?

Most edible products show how much CBD or THC contains in a single serving. Though, sometimes, the manufacturers list the CBD or THC content of the whole package.

Thus, It’s important to go carefully through the label before consuming it. Check the CBD or THC content per serving, and identify whether the serving size refers to only a portion or the whole package.

Since there are a lot of variables involved, you can not always predict edible dosing. Thus, you must start with a low dose and work your way up to a dose that produces the desired effect.

When cooking edibles yourself, it’s good to measure the pot you add carefully so as to not make it too potent.

Here are some general dosing suggestions for CBD and THC edibles.


CBD Dose

There’s much less risk if you consume too much CBD as it doesn’t produce a psychoactive impact. However, a high dose still may cause harmful side effects.

You must take a low dose between three and 10 mg and work your way up to a CBD dose that produces your desired effects.

Besides, consume it in the early evening until you understand the effects as CBD may make you sleepy.


THC Dose

Edible THC produces intense effects. Thus, you must start with a low dose and you may increase it until you get the desired effects over time.

According to researchers, the behavioral effects of one mg of THC are comparable to those related to smoking 5.71 mg CBD.


How do Edibles Work?

Your body processes weed in several ways. The effects are pretty similar, although they may differ in duration and intensity.

When you smoke weed, the smoke containing cannabinoids goes straight into your lungs. There, it encounters millions of alveoli that cover the lungs’ walls. They absorb the cannabinoids passing them into the bloodstream.

Then, they reach your brain, providing the effect you require.

There are two possible scenarios for edibles consumption:

While you orally ingest the cannabinoids in a liquid form, they pass through the bloodstream. It takes about 20 minutes, usually.

Suppose the edibles don’t dissolve in your mouth. You need to digest it for your body to process it. In short, it has to reach the liver and the small intestine.

As soon as it arrives there, the contents in the edible break down and finally pass through the bloodstream to supply the body with cannabinoids, nutrients, and other substances. This process may take two to three hours.


Weed edibles


What Do Edibles Feel Like?

The scope of marijuana effects is both varied and large. What might space out an individual will barely have any effect on the other person. The interaction between the substance, the body, the mind, and the environment of the consumer everything plays a part.

Having said that, the effects of using an edible may be much different from that of smoking a joint. Edibles result in more physical effects producing a full-blown ‘couch-lock’ effect.

Moreover, it may take a couple of hours for brownies to kick in. However, the effect lasts quite longer than the effects of vaping or smoking.

This may make edibles recommendable for patients, specifically, patients who experience nausea or chronic pain. However, many users want to have an immediate effect, regardless of whether they are using marijuana as a stimulant or for medicinal reasons.

With marijuana edibles, the absorption process is not always time-efficient. However, you may still achieve it with minimum preparation. Just ensure advanced planning and carefully ingest your edibles for achieving the desired effects.


How Long Does It Take for Edibles to Kick In?

You must begin with small doses and work your way up to the dose producing the desired effect when consuming edibles for the first time.

THC metabolizes in the liver, forming a compound, namely 11-hydroxy-THC. Interestingly, this compound may be very sedating, having a long half-life and more potency than THC.

This mechanism causes edibles to have different effects. This whole process takes from an hour to three hours.

Edibles may take up to a couple of hours to kick in. If you have already taken a dose, you must wait at least for a couple of hours before taking more. Taking another dose earlier than that could cause harmful side effects.


What are the Side Effects of Edibles?

Research shows that heart issues are more prevalent in consuming edibles than smoking marijuana. A recent study also says that eight percent of emergency room visitors who were consumers of edibles had heart symptoms, including an irregular heartbeat. Overall, three percent of weed smokers visited the ER.

There are various health consequences related to the consumption of edibles. In fact, health issues may even be worse with edibles than with weed smoking. The symptoms below are the possible side effects of cannabis edibles:

  • Heart problems
  • Respiratory depression
  • Confusion
  • Agitation
  • Psychotic episodes
  • Impaired motor ability
  • Paranoia
  • Hallucinations
  • Vomiting
  • Anxiety and panic attacks
  • Drowsiness


How to Make Weed Edibles?

You may make Cannabis-infused butter and oils at home using dry flowers. The overall concept of infusing butter and fat with cannabis involves submerging the dry material in the desired carrier fat and gently heating it to slowly extract the cannabinoids from the plant material.

Then, you must strain the mixture to remove any remaining plant material. Later, you may substitute the infused oil or fat at a 1:1 ratio for any recipe.


edible marijuana


How to Consume Edibles?

The following are some tips to consume edibles:

  • Carefully read the label on your edibles.
  • Before enjoying an edible, consider having a meal or eating a snack.
  • Decide the number/quantity of edibles you have to consume.
  • Ingest it and wait at least for two hours before using it more.
  • Prepare for a strong effect
  • Relax yourself


Last Thoughts about Weed Edibles

Conclusively, when you boil this all down, here’s the takeaway: Edible cannabis product is any food that has been infused with cannabis extracts or concentrates. All of these contain active ingredients such as cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

All in all, edibles are a discreet way to ingest weed as they don’t create any smoke or pungent smells, unlike weed smoking. However, people must exercise caution when consuming edibles.

Long-term, frequent use of marijuana may have negative effects on physical and mental health. Besides, individuals must always adhere to the recommended dosage and stop ingesting edibles if adverse reactions occur.

“When you buy through links on our site, we may earn a commission”

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The post What are Edibles? All about Marijuana Edibles and How to Make Them appeared first on TopGrows.

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Dosing Edibles Safely and Effectively

Edibles are fairly popular in terms of cannabis consumption, mainly because of their ease and discreetness. However, dosing edibles has always been a bit confusing, especially before legalization. Whether you made them yourself or were given them from …



Edibles are fairly popular in terms of cannabis consumption, mainly because of their ease and discreetness. However, dosing edibles has always been a bit confusing, especially before legalization. Whether you made them yourself or were given them from a friend, dosing edibles is the root of most peoples’ bad experience with cannabis.  However, now that cannabis edibles are available legally, dosing them is more accurate and easy to understand. Legally made cannabis edibles go through rigorous testing to ensure the potency of each batch so you can feel confident in the amount of THC and CBD you consume with each experience.  Of course, the most important thing to consuming edibles is starting low and going slow. Here are some ranges that most people use when determining the proper dosing for edibles. Everyone reacts to cannabis differently, but this may act as a good starting off point.  1- 2.5 mg of THC This is a very low dose and is great for first time users or micro-dosers. Health Canada recommends first-time users choose a “product containing 2.5 mg of THC or less or 10% THC (100 mg/g) or less, and an equal or higher amount of CBD.” 2.5 – 15 mg of THC This level is suggested for more regular users and those looking for stronger effects. Cannabis edibles have a maximum allowance of 10 mg of THC per package, so anything above that would require more than one product.  15 – 30 mg of THC Taking this much isn’t a good idea for a novice or occasional user, as it can lead to intense effects that newer cannabis consumers may be uncomfortable with. Users with developed tolerances typically fall within this category. 30 – 50 mg of THC Again, not for beginners. Taking this much requires a significant THC tolerance and can result in very strong effects. It is five times the amount of cannabis legally allowed in one package of cannabis edible products.  To avoid overdoing it on edibles, the most important thing is to start slowly and work your way up to the milligram amount you feel comfortable with. As you consume cannabis over a period of time, you will notice your tolerance start to build up. Keep track of your dosing and the effects it has on your body in a journal. This way you’ll be able to refer back and know how certain products effect you.  Regardless of whether you consider yourself accustomed to cannabis or you’ve never tried it before, cannabis edibles are an effective way to experience the effects of cannabis. Knowing how to dose edibles, how they work, why they work, and how they affect you as an individual, is the best way to ensure you dose properly to have a good experience. This post is for entertainment and leisurely reading only. It is not to be relied upon as medical information or advice on the consumption of cannabis. The information used is based on anecdotal evidence and may not be applicable to all consumers. When consuming cannabis, it’s always important to start low and go slow. If you have questions about consuming cannabis, please consult the Health Canada document entitled “CONSUMER INFORMATION – CANNABIS.“  

The post Dosing Edibles Safely and Effectively appeared first on INDIVA.

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How Much Edible Should I Eat?

Well, you shouldn’t eat all of them. Every single stoner I know has a “this one time” story wherein they ate way too much, and most of those stories end up in a tree, on in the fetal position under a blanket. And that’s because it’s possible to get infinitely higher from edibles than from […]

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Well, you shouldn’t eat all of them. Every single stoner I know has a “this one time” story wherein they ate way too much, and most of those stories end up in a tree, on in the fetal position under a blanket. And that’s because it’s possible to get infinitely higher from edibles than from smokables. I’m not going to delve too deeply into the “why” of that because an in-depth explanation would take a blog of its own, but it has to do with the way ingested cannabinoids are absorbed in your system: compared to smoking, edibles deliver a much larger fraction of THC to the liver wherein it’s converted to 11-hydroxy-THC, which is much more potent than the lung-absorbed delta-9 THC you get from smoking (click HERE if you want to learn more). That, and due to your metabolism, eaten cannabinoids will affect you much longer than the smoked ones, so if you eat too much edible, the mistake can stay with you for more than six hours, which is a crazy ride if you’re not ready for it.

So, getting back to the question that started all this, how can you figure out the proper amount to consume if you’ve never had an edible? It can be super tricky because most edibles are infused with lipid-soluble THC, meaning it first has to bind with fats and then be processed in your liver, so it takes about an hour and a half for the full effect to kick in—this means that during your first experience, you won’t know if you took too much or too little until long after you eat that edible. But there are a couple tricks you can use to figure it out.

First, start low and go slow. Rhyming advice is always the best because you’ll remember it. In Colorado, recreational edibles are capped at 10mg THC with a maximum of 100mg THC per package. Most producers jumped straight to the maximum to be competitive, so most edibles have a 10mg recommended serving size, but that can be way, way too much for most first-time users. So, here’s the trick: cut one of those 10mg servings in half so you take only 5mg. But here’s the difficult part: you must wait a solid hour-and-a-half before you even consider eating that other half. I can’t tell you how many people have heard me give that advice here in our Durango dispensary just to come back the next day to tell me they wish they had listened. When it comes to edibles, once you eat it, you cannot un-eat it, so start low, and go slow. Having a pleasurable experience is way better than going extreme, so please, take my advice.

However, there are two things to consider when halving an edible. One, not all edibles in Colorado are homogenous—some of them are surface-applicated, meaning the THC oil was placed somewhere on the surface of the edible. So, with these edibles, if you cut them in half, you might get lucky and split the drop of oil in half as well, but more often than not, one of the halves will have all the pot and the other half will just be food. So, it’s important to ask your budtenders the right questions (but in our shop, which is the best dispensary in Durango, we’ll tell you ahead of time, so no worries).

Secondly, once that edible starts to kick in, so will the time dysmorphia; you’ll start to think it’s been longer than it really has since you ate that first half. And you’ll be feeling good, so you’ll consider that other half sooner than I recommended a couple paragraphs ago. And then, boom: you’re up in a tree or under a blanket.

If all that sounds too high maintenance for you, I’ve got another trick: for your first time, try a fast-acting edible (maybe I should’ve just started with this). You see, besides the lipid-soluble edibles I’ve been talking about, in Colorado, we also have water-soluble edibles. With these, the cannabinoids are nano-encapsulated with a surfactant. This isolates single THC molecules and makes them water-soluble, so instead of having to wait for them to bind with fats and be processed in your liver, you get a quick high because the THC permeates the semi-permeable cell walls in your body, thereby getting the intoxicant into your system quickly. That way, once you ingest the 5mg I recommend for first-time users, you’ll know where you’re at per the effect within 30-45 minutes, which is half as long, and perfect for experiments such as these. But your body also processes water-soluble cannabinoids much more quickly than the other kind, so your high won’t last as long. If you want your high to last longer, you’ll need the lipid-soluble type of edible, but at least with this second trick, you’ll learn how many milligrams are perfect for you before going the long-lasting route.

Alright… once you have your serving size figured out, I have a pro tip for you: mix water-soluble and lipid-soluble edibles. It’s wonderful, so hear me out. Let’s say your perfect serving size is 10mg THC—if you take 5mg of a water-soluble edible and 5mg of a lipid-soluble edible, the water-soluble kind will kick in quickly, and then the lipid-soluble edible will start to kick in down the road and last longer. That way, you get the best of both worlds. You’re welcome.

Even the most devout edible consumers get wide-eyed when I tell them this trick, because it’s not something known by most marijuana professionals, and honestly, it’s why you should keep checking back in and reading this blog; we have pro tips galore! But more importantly, our store carries every type of edible you can think of (and some you cannot), and our educated, professional, friendly dispensary budtenders will take the time to explain all of this to you if you still have questions, because We’re Your Best Buds!

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