How To Make Cannabis Coconut Oil

Making your own cannabis coconut oil is a great way to consume your cannabis medicine. It produces a versatile oil that can be added to a variety of foods  or even eaten on its own. If you choose a virgin coconut oil it will have that coconut taste/scent that you would imagine it should have. If you choose a refined coconut oil it will have very little coconut taste/scent. Either form of oil is perfect for creating your own canna oil.

Step by step instructions on how to create your own cannabis coconut oil


You can use any part of the cannabis plant to create your canna oil. The most common parts to use are the flowers, kief, or trim. Using the trim to create your canna oil is a great way to use the left over bits so they don’t go to waste.

What To Expect When Using Canna Oil

It takes longer to feel the effects of canna oil when eaten and the effects last longer. This means if you should take too much and begin to feel the effects (sleepy, anxious, high, etc) it will take longer for the effects to wear off. You should always stay low and go slow when using canna oil. Stay low by calculating the dosage in a set amount of oil. Start out taking a low dosage and then assessing how you feel. Go slow by allowing 3 to 4 hours before taking an additional dose.

If you plan on using the canna oil in a recipe it’s better to have made the recipe (with regular oil/butter in place of the canna oil) at least once so you are familiar with the recipe outcome. It will also help you to understand how many servings you are going to get as well as the serving size. This will come in handy when deciding on how much canna oil to include in your recipe.

Supplies Needed:

  • decarbed cannabis (1/4 ounce or more)

  • 2 cups coconut oil (virgin or refined)

  • glass canning jars with lids

  • crockpot

  • cheesecloth

  • strainer or sieve

How To Create Canna Oil In The Crockpot

If you have not decarbed your cannabis you should start there first. An important step in creating the canna oil is to have activate cannabis. If you are unsure how then check out this post for more information. The decarbed cannabis does not need to be finely chopped or grounded. You can coarsely chop it if it is in large pieces. Or you can break up the flowers. You can also used coarsely chopped pieces of trim to create your oil.

How To Decarb Cannabis In The Oven #decarbcannabis #cannabisnursema


Use pieces no smaller than this when creating your canna oil. If you have a lot of fine material then the canna oil might need to be strained several times in order to remove all the debris from the finished oil.

Place the decarbed cannabis into a canning jar. Add 2 cups of coconut oil to the jar. Place the canning cover on and turn until just closed. Do not tighten the cover up.

Place the jar in the crockpot and add enough water that it reaches the level of the oil in the jar. You can infuse more than one type of oil at a time as they will all need to cook for about the same length of time.


How to make cannabis oil in the crockpot #cannaoil #cannabutter #CBDbutter #cannabisnursema


In the picture above the covers have the name of the cannabis type being infused. This is because the oil will be returned to the jar once it is strained. Set your crockpot to high and allow the oil to infuse for 4 to 6 hours.

When the oil is done infusing it will need to be strained to remove the material. Line a sieve or strainer with two layers of cheesecloth. Place the strainer over another jar or bowl. Pour the liquid oil through in order to catch and remove the plant material. Some finer material might make it through but that is fine. You will find that this fine pieces will settle to the bottom of the finished oil.

When it seems like all the oil has been strained through the cheesecloth gather the ends up and begin twisting and squeezing the material in the cheesecloth to wring out the remainder of the oil. The left over plant material can be added to your compost pile or you can throw it out.

Return the strained, finished oil back to the canning jars or into another container that can be sealed. The finished oil can be stored in the refrigerator (it will become hard) or at room temperature (it might be liquid or hard depending upon the actual room temperature).

Three different types of canna oil which have been stored in the refrigerator. #cannaoil #CBDoil #cannabisnursema


Your finished oil can be varying shades of green. The final color does not indicate strength. It only indicates how much chlorophyll is in the final product. The oils above are light in color but your oil may come out darker depending upon the strain used. For example, two different strains of CBD oil/butter are shown below. One is darker green than the other. Same type of coconut oil, same length of time in the crock pot. This shows the variation in color you might get in your finished product.


How to make canna oil in the crockpot #cannaoil #cannabutter #cannabisnursema


Use the canna oil in your recipes. The amount used will depend upon how strong of a dose you want. Check back for recipes and information on dosing.

You might find some of these books helpful with using cannabis as medicine:


How to create your own cannabis coconut oil for edibles #cannabutter #cannaoil #cannabisnursema


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