Mystery Boat Full of Smuggled Weed Washes Ashore in San Diego

Sunbathers and bodysurfers enjoying the end of summer at a beach between Oceanside and Carlsbad in San Diego, California got a bit of excitement thrown their way over the weekend, when an abandoned motor boat packed full of cannabis washed right up to the beach line.

According to NBC Los Angeles, local authorities quickly discovered the illicit contents of the captainless boat and began loading the large bales onto trucks to transport off the beach. Law enforcement officers from the Department of Homeland Security and the Coast Guard were eventually called in to investigate the scene.

"I noticed a few cops around," beachgoer Zachary Boyer told NBC. "Then, when they started unloading the bundles of marijuana, we knew it was something different. They were throwing bundle after bundle of marijuana off the boat.”

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The unpredictable nature of overseas drug smuggling routes has brought a number of similar narcotic discoveries as of late. Just last week, beachgoers in Melbourne and Cocoa Beach, Florida found bundles of cocaine that had been pushed ashore by Hurricane Dorian. And in Alabama this spring, a pile of cocaine and cannabis bundles worth upwards of $1 million washed up behind an apartment complex. 

After making landfall at 6AM on Sunday, Carlsbad police and their federal counterparts were able to clear the illicit pot off the boat and remove the wreckage from the beach by 2PM the same day.

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