Hey there, night owls!


A significant amount of people don’t work your typical 9-5pm job, and many can’t shop at dispensaries simply because Colorado hours are limited. That is, until a recent city expansion approval!


With this new go-ahead, we’re extending our hours for all rec stores from 6:50pm to 9:50pm everyday of the week! In regards to split stores, the rec side will be open later while the medical side will continue their closings at 6:50pm.


“It’s important for us to evolve with the industry, and that means making sure we can provide service to patrons who work throughout our normal hours but need safe access. These new extended hours are a huge help for the late crowd, “ says Nichole West, VP.


Head to our locations page to find a dispensary nearest to you and enjoy your late night pick-me-ups!


See the Denver Post coverage on extended dispensary hours:


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