Smoke Up the Planet with Miss Velvet and George Clinton’s “Phat Blunt”

What happens if you mix a little rock-n-roll with a heaping teaspoon of soul, a dash of fiery car chases, and a splash of Kill Bill? You get “Phat Blunt,” the new axes-and-action-flick music video by New York’s Miss Velvet and the Blue Wolf, featuring Grammy-winner and Rock-n-Roll Hall of Famer George Clinton, the world’s first and only Funkmaster General. 

The “Phat Blunt” video begins with frontwoman Miss Velvet being kidnapped by gangsters in three-piece suits. While Miss Velvet is held captive, the band’s keyboardist, co-writer, and producer  — Constance Hauman — hits up George Clinton as he’s kicking it in the Caribbean. With his friend in jeopardy, George puts his vacation on hold to help with Miss Velvet’s rescue. Hijinks immediately ensue with kung fu in kimonos, motorcycle bandits, and an epic, neon-lit showdown in downtown Tokyo.