Tegan and Sara’s High School Reunion: The Duo Talks New Album, Memoir, and Acid

Lead photo by Trevor Brady

When your band consists of two identical twin sisters, your origin story is destined to be unique.

In High School — the memoir from Canadian pop artists Tegan and Sara released on September 24 via MCD — the pair dive into their formative teenage years and explore their evolution from Canadian high school students to internationally-known recording artists. Originally from Calgary, Alberta, Tegan and Sara have thus far released eight studio albums since they signed a deal with Polygram records on their (shared) 18th birthday. Their ninth album, Hey, I'm Just Like You, will be released on September 27 on Sire Records and features all re-recorded versions of unreleased demos the two recorded as teenagers.

Perhaps best known for pop gems infused with authentic substance like 2004’s “Walking with a Ghost” and 2012’s “Closer” — they also hit the Oscars in 2015 to perform their Lego Movie hit, “Everything in Awesome” — the two have been in the spotlight since they won Calgary’s amatuer music competition “Garage Warz” in 1997 as a pair of 17-year-olds with no bassist or drummer. In the ensuing 22 years, they’ve continued to make music on their terms while also speaking out and lending their cache and resources to projects in support of the LGBTQ+ community, as well as encouraging the hiring and training of more women in the technical side of the music industry.