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The UK’s Largest Weed Study Is Coming — Here’s How to Participate

The Global Drug Survey conducts an international study on drug use every year. This year, it’s teaming up with the UK Cannabis Social Clubs organization to get even more data on weed use.



The Global Drug Survey and UK Cannabis Social Clubs are joining forces to help doctors, regulators, activists, and researchers understand more about cannabis use in the UK. 

Annually, the Global Drug Survey (GDS), a non-profit organization run by drug addiction specialists, conducts a massive survey so everyone understands which drugs are most popular, which routes of consumption are preferred, and why people are even doing drugs in the first place. GDS’s surveys are designed to facilitate “honest conversation” regarding drug use and addiction.

This year, GDS is partnering with UK Cannabis Social Clubs, a British-based medical marijuana group, to gather additional data on weed and CBD use in the UK, too. They’re describing it as the “largest-ever study on cannabis in the UK.”

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“We don’t usually interrupt the flow at GDS with another survey,” read the UK Cannabis Social Clubs website. “But such is the speed of change and deluge of investor funding and interest in the UK cannabis market (both legal and medical), that GDS thought it was really important to get some sense of what is going on now, in the UK today, to inform future policy, clinical guidelines and ensure the voice of the everyday consumer is heard. The narrative to date has not always offered this.”

The survey, which you can take by clicking here, is completely anonymous. GDS and UK Cannabis Social Clubs stated that the survey is encrypted, and it won’t store respondents’ private data, such as IP addresses or legal names. The estimated time to complete the survey is about 10 to 15 minutes.

In case you’re wondering what kinds of questions will be asked, here’s a sneak peek:

  1. How the types of cannabis and the way we use them are changing in the UK.
  2. How are people using CBD and what do they find it useful for?
  3. People’s experience of being part of a Cannabis Social Club in the UK.
  4. How people are currently using cannabis for medical/therapeutic purposes, where they sourcing it from, what they pay, what they use it to treat, how they use it, what benefits they get, the impact on other treatments they may have tried, problems they have experienced and whether or not they have asked a GP or specialist to prescribe cannabis since the law changes in the UK?

In other news, the big GDS annual drug survey, which is separate from the current UK-specific weed survey, will take place November 2019. The annual survey draws on data from 30 nations and will be translated into 18 languages.