What Is Pineapple Express Weed and Did It Exist Before the Iconic Movie?

Ah, Pineapple Express, arguably one of the last great weed films of the prohibition era. Branded a stoner buddy action-comedy by its creators Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, the film follows two underachieving potheads (played by Rogen and James Franco) who witness a murder by a dirty cop and a gangster. Unfortunately for the two unlikely heroes, the weed they left at the crime scene — a strain called Pineapple Express — was just so damn delicious that the gangster could identify it by scent alone, which leads the bad guys on a hunt to track down the good guys. Hijinks, hilarity, and explosions ensue.

But what came first, the famous strain or the even more famous movie? And do Pineapple Express flowers fill pot shop shelves across the country simply because of the name, or is there more to it than the Hollywood cool factor?


The Movie Came First

Let’s clear the air here: If anyone tells you that they sampled Pineapple Express flower before the film debuted on August 6, 2008, they’re probably blowing smoke up your keister.

In a 2014 interview with Denver’s “Everyday Show” host Chris Parente, Rogen said that he and co-writer Evan Goldberg invented the weed strain just for the film.