Why is Growing Cannabis so Expensive?

Croptimize Inc recognizes grow lights, year-round cooling, constant dehumidification, water management, space heating, and CO2 injection as extremely energy intensive. Because these climate devices are used to maintain an environment connected to lighting cycles there is a lot of turning on and off device switches. For growers, this means power surges. In Colorado, utilities charge for demand cycles which means the highest consecutive 15-minute power draw per billing period. Additionally, if these surges happen to fall during a peak energy demand time, then these charge periods can account for the largest portion of the energy bill. Just one slip into peak demand category can cost cultivators tens of thousands of dollars. Croptimize in an application that optimizes energy economics for cannabis cultivation.
Unfortunately, the shift towards green house or outdoor cultivation has not caught on. According to Marijuana Business Daily, 92 percent of legal cultivation occurs indoors and only 1 percent in green houses. In Colorado, there are various reasons why cultivators are hunkered down in industrial warehouses such as: regulation requires that cannabis is grown in an enclosed structure, Limited access to capital for sophisticated greenhouse development, and belief that indoor cultivation allows for the ultimate controlled environmental settings. An effort is being made to eliminate the barriers to sun sourced cannabis, however, it is important to recognize that the shift is unlikely to occur anytime soon. Croptimize software gives insight into how your farm uses energy & when costly events might take place, how to continuously improve the economics of your farm, and configure and control your farm in an optimized way.

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