Will Snoop Stay King of Madden for Round Six of the Gangsta Gaming League?

Snoop Dogg and the GGL crew are back for round six of MERRY JANE’s esports competition, the Gangsta Gaming League! 

However, this time — a first for GGL — players will be teamed up in pairs for 2 vs. 2 face-offs on the newest version of the classic football title Madden 20

The event is sponsored by Steve's Goods, and the players include the usual suspects alongside some special guests: Dan Rue, Young Sagg, Red Grant, Red Woods, Tripp Locc, Waniac, Lala, JC, Shelton, Ethan, Shon, and TDapp. Plus, we’ll have Loody and Hittaman of Taylor Gang joining in. And, of course, the Doggfather himself will be holding court at the GGL studio.


So far, Snoop has claimed the crowning title for four out of the five GGL tournaments held to date, and all of those wins were for Madden games. But can Snoop hold onto the Boss Dogg title when he shares the field, and the controllers, with another player?

Whichever duo wins will nab a $10,000 cash prize, mad bragging rights, and a bunch of free weed, too. The games start at 4PM PST on Friday, September 20th. Stay tuned for more, right here on MERRY JANE.

You can catch the livestreams of GGL VI at Snoop’s Twitch, YouTube, and Mixer channels. And for more on GGL, revisit our recap of round five below: